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January 23, 2011

Namaste World! 

My life: An unfinished masterpiece of this life; filled with lessons learned, unforgettable faces, passion, moments permanently etched in stone, failures, expectations met and those of yet to come, peace and completeness. An honest depiction of what is and what is not. Being real, being true, being a sponge to the depth of other’s, being lived as free of ‘should’ and ‘should not’s’, being curious to freedom of questioning every decision that was made. Free of ego; learning to swallow the pride that is often the detriment of lifetime’s greatest relationships. A life of balance: in the midst of all of the chaos, drama, and media. A naked soul: eyes shaking hands in a distance. Purity, Love, and music that moves my spirit… running toward the unknown, crawling through windows when all the doors are locked, freedom to feel ‘greatness’, smiles and laughter for without any of this, I do not exist as this is me, ‘my life’… and, it’s just a ride. So, buckle up World and ready to ride with me without worrying of being lost, stolen or broken items…

Tags: awareness, compassion, heart, life, love

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