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Yoga and relevance

The word Yoga means ‘unity’ and derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means, “to join”. It is defined in spiritual terms as the union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. However on a physical level yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. This is done through various physical and mental exercises, e.g. asana (posture), pranayama (guided breath), mudra (palm and finger posture), meditation etc.

The origin of Yoga is in north India more than ten thousands of years ago. It was described in Hindu scripture that Lord Shiva taught Yoga to his wife at unknown time.

Sage Patanjali is recognized as the author of the first unified system of yoga.

Why Yoga
Our body is like a temple. We have given the body to realize the realm. All the body parts should have harmony to function properly. The mouth cannot hold his food. If it does than mouth will be rotten. It has to pass the food to throat and further. In the same way all the limbs work in harmony in the body temple. However age, unhealthy food, weather, social-economic situation and disease can create destruction in one limb or another. Yoga practice brings the harmony back. Yoga is essentially designed to learn about own body, create harmony among limbs, gain flexibility so that everyday tasks can be performing easily and attained disease free long live healthy body.

The aim of the Yoga to bring different bodily function into perfect coordination so they function good for the whole body.

Yoga practitioner attains steadiness of body and mind, freedom from disease and lightness of the limbs.

Yoga relevance today
Yoga is mainly used for physical exercise. Today’s form of Yoga is derivative of ancient form to fit into today’s desirous mode. There is certainly some abuse of Yoga. However there is nothing wrong to practice Yoga as means of mere physical exercise.

Yoga is commercialized and made easy to fit today’s need. Practitioners use various gears like fancy mats, blocks, straps, and cushions. Some of these means are very beneficial to replace the natural things as trees, trunk, another person, rope, steady and long term practice. However practitioner should not get attached to this limitation of gears.

By a statistic about 15 million people in United States practice Yoga. It is encouraged to practice Yoga, as it is the union and harmony of each and every limb with each other. Practitioner should practice and apply the concept of yoga to live better and healthy life.

Yoga gives relief from the accumulated strain and stress during the day. The person who is happy with him is usually happy around others. Since Yoga provides physical comfort, person becomes more and more content with himself. Better blood circulation, overcoming anxiety and fear, flexibility of limbs, strengthening the muscles, better immune power, better digestion, weight management, limbs alignment, better eye sight etc are among benefits with Yoga.

Yoga helps in asthma, digestion, pregnancy, chronic pain and ache, stress relief etc.

Who can practice:
Any age group can practice Yoga as far as he or she listen to his or her body. However it is not suggested for kid under age 6 to practice Yoga in a structured environment. After age 6 children can be expose to Yoga. Exposure to Yoga will help them to stay healthier person during the lifetime.

It is necessary for Yoga practitioner to listen to the body. Yoga should be practice as “Sthirim Sukham Aasanam” (steady comfortable posture). If the practitioner feels pain of aches, he should slowly get out of the posture and relax in normal way. However it is necessary to strain the body to comfortable level to gain the benefits.

Yoga should be practiced empty stomach. The practitioner should not eat before 2 hours of practice. The practitioner should wear loose cloth, so the limbs can be stretched without obstruction.


It's Monday Attitude

We meet people everyday, they may have a big smile, seem very happy, couples may be holding hands. But if we really look into them, we will find out that a lot of people have some kind of suffering. There are people of different age, race and profession around us. Each one is a seeker. Each one wants to get rid of the pain and find love. It is to the individual where he finds the path to get rid of the pain. Many of us go to a doctor. Could be able to cure the problem all the time by going to the doctor?

I got to know that stress can also cause ulcers. I recently also got to know that scientist are thinking that creation is the result of vibration.

We meet and see people who goes to tempel or church or any other religious places, had a good pep talk. They feel like going to that place is a necessity. It is a great idea to show the gratitude to the creator. But once they get out of
the those places, they are the same inside.

There is a lot written on different topics like Hindu, Buddhist and other methodology,  consciousness and so forth. There has been an enormous research done on different things. It will all have no value, if can not act on the truth.
The things those matter to us today are not going to matter to us after sometime. It is the same like the value of money. A 25 cent would worth for a child much more than 100 dollar bill because he can buy candy with 25 cent from a candy machine but not with 100 dollar bill.

The best we can do is to live life consciously. We should try to the best within our power to help our-self and others to overcome day to day life problem. We should try to be the person who is charming and adoring. When he is around someone, they feel comfortable, open and energetic. We need to get rid of “Its Monday” attitude. (when someone asked someone on Monday, how are you doing? They reply in non-energetic manner, I am doing alright for Monday. It’s Monday). We should be able to look forward for the week, a new day, a new moment.

The most precious thing someone can give to someone is the time. Once this moment gone it is never going to come back. We need to learn to spend our time consciously.

God Bless You!

Don't hurt Yourself...

Nothing Matters At The End

When we lay on the death bed, we don’t remember how much money we made over the life time, we do not remember how many houses we owned, we don’t remember how we fulfilled our perpetual desires. We only want to adore who are loving to us, who are standing in front of us, whom we have missed or missing. The material achievement does not matter at all; only the relationship with the another being matters. We may worry about what is going to happen to our loved ones after our death. We come to recognize the truth of our being. Some will die suffering, and others calmly. We were born naked; we will not take anything with us.

Why is so much struggle to get ahead of others by pulling them behind? Why do we hurt ourself everyday? We put layers and layers of ignorance and arrogance over the life time. The only language we knew, was the language of love at the time of birth. What happened to that pure itself? We have grown physically from child to an adult with layering ourself with sorrow and unhappiness. What happened to that inner being? Have we grown mentally?

Only human are given the opportunity to take an action with their human attributes; the body, mind and intellect. These three attributes make us human. We are bound to perform actions. That is also the only choice given to us. It is to the individual to decide on right and wrong.

There is a reaction of each and every action.

Newton laws of energy conservation have also proved the above stated statement.

Make an effort to bring the inner child out. Think about the very inner being that is actually you. The complete you, which is not attached to any sorrow or materialistic boundaries. The happiness is nothing but the favorable happenings and unhappiness is nothing but the unfavorable happenings.

Think about the relationship with your child. Although you have no intention to hurt your own child, does the child think that the things those you provide him, makes him happy always? No one can hurt you but yourself. We are our best friend and also the most worst enemy. It is easy to win from an external enemy but it is very difficult to win from the inner being. We always criticize ourself, trying to get even with others and self. Don’t try to get even with the inner being.

Take an example of a child. When your child has aggravated you and you told him to get the corner. If he accepts it gracefully and happily, is there anything you can do against him? It is the same with sorrow and unhappiness in our life, they are the part of our life. We can not get rid of them. However we have choice to handle those situations consciously.

Regular meditation practice helps to eradicate from delusive mental state to pure conscious state. In this way, we will come to experience a permanent inner peace. Then, day and night in life after life, we will experience only peace and happiness. Meditation is a technique to guide our unconscious thoughts to conscious thoughts. It is a method to create harmony with our feelings and thinking. Meditation is an exercise, aiming to prevent thoughts in a natural way, by deeply relaxing the physical body and then trying to keep the mind completely conscious.

Accept the happenings as the grace of higher being. Be conscious of your actions. Learn from the past and present actions and make the life fruitful for self and others.

Just don’t hurt yourself anymore................

May everyone be happy, May everyone prosper.

May everyone be healthy, May there be no sorrow.

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Innocent - Whose fault is this?!?!........................

Can I have some from your extra burger?

Who is Suffering? The first and primary need for each living being is Survival. Human look for love and growth once the survival need is fulfilled. There are many struggles in developing countries. There is a big span between poor and rich in this world.  There are people those do not have anything to eat and there are people those have too much to eat. There are people suffering because of excessive eating. There are people who do not have roof on the head and there are people who have hundreds of room and no one is living in them. What is the meaning of a Developed Country? Who is suffering, the person in a developed country who has eaten unconsciously too much or the person in the poor or politically disturbed country who is starving because of no food. We get angry if our lover does not buy flowers for us. We get angry if the server does not have the diet pop to serve.  How about the people who do not have clean water to drink. If they get a bottle that has a lid and water that can be called water, the lid gives them the freedom so they can drink the water when they are really thirsty without worrying of not finding any water, beating and rape. People worry on how are they going to cook food next day. Women can not get out of their hut (the hut that is made of leaves, dirt, garbage, polythene bags) to collect the wood, because if they get out they will be gang raped and beaten.  We have Big Brothers, Boys and Girls Scouts and many other mentoring and growth organization those are actively help children to learn new things and entertain.  We cry and get angry if we do not have a dozen pair of jeans. There are children they have A cloth to wear all the time till that cloth is not a cloth anymore. There jewellery is the string with sand pendant that child found in garbage and made it himself. 

Who is suffering?.............................................

Where is my Daddy? Why did you kill him?




Life is as such, the game of IF and THAN:


Everything is govern by the law of nature. If someone acts in such a way than he will get the results in that way. This is the “Law of action” or “The theory of action and reaction” or “The law of nature governess”.


If someone plants a rose plant than he will get roses. If someone plants weeds than he will get weeds. If someone reads about something than he will have knowledge about that something. And so on…..


No one can sit idle and do nothing. If someone do nothing than he will get nothing. It is not possible to have nothing.

The mind is a seeker. It seeks something or someone each and everytime. Each thought creates an action, each thought produces a result. The result that is govern by the Law of Nature. The result is dependant on many casues. The time of thought, the intensity of thought, the current situation of a person at the time of thought, available residual presence of mind after the thought and so forth....


Each human being will end its physical life journey at some time. Some one will live for days others for years. It is to each individual to use the given time. Someone will become a reader, other will be a movie star, someone else will work in a factory, other will be a farmer and so on.. Each individual will be someone. The someone, the one and only someone. That one and only someone is the part of big evolvation. Each individual has given some duties to utilize his granted time. The individual can decide and choose how would he like to utilize the granted time and respective duty. Someone will live consciously other will live as it is. The person who see the available time and duty as it is, will get as it is as well. The person who lives life consciously will get the consciously life. Living consciously means that someone is aware of the presence, he is aware of what is right and wrong, he is aware of his emotional status, and most important is applying the knowledge.


Everyone knows what is right and wrong at certain age. They know what is to be consider a righteous and what is to be consider non-righteous. The consciously living is not only having the awareness about the right and non-right but also the application of awareness. If the awareness is there but the application of the awareness is not there, it will become like reading a romantic novel and cherishing the moments with self of being loved, thinking of pleasurable winks etc. those are written in the novel.



First step is to know about right and wrong. The next step is to be aware of right and wrong. This step gives an understanding through the presence of mind about what is wrong and right. This step will take few effort and practice. The next step is to apply the knowledge of awareness in moment to moment life. It will require contineous practice and practice.


There are a lot of suffering, everyone is suffering for some reason or another. This suffering never ends. As soon as an action is taken, the result will be given (There are various types of results!) A so called good action can give good results and so called bad action can give a bad result. If someone limit and seperate likes and dislikes than there will be likes and dislikes.


The ultimate goal is to overcome likes and dislikes. Everything is as it is, there is no better and worst.............